Focusing on tracked and narrow access, our range of 'spiders' and scissors are perfectly designed to work in both residential and commercial properties both inside and out! With platforms ranging from 780mm-990mm and scissors from 1.4m and all under 3 tonnes they offer a great height/outreach to weight ratio. 

All of our MEWPs use dual fuel power units (diesel and electric) as well as non-marking rubber tracks. 

Boom Height: 21m

Boom Outreach: 12m

Weight: 3000kg

Power Type: Diesel / Electric

Width (Transport mode): 990mm

Width (Deployed):

-Narrow: 2.5m X 6.3m

 -Standard: 4.7m X 4.7m 

Machine Hight: 1990mm

Machine Length: 5m 

Basket Capacity: 250kg 

Download technical data sheet here:

Teupen LEO 21GT





Hinowa 1775

Hinowa  1775

Boom Height: 17m

Boom Outreach: 7.5m

Weight: 2230kg

Power Type: Diesel / Electric

Width (Transport mode): 798mm

Width (Deployed):2889mm 

Machine Height: 1998mm

Machine Length: 4.53m 

Basket Capacity: 230kg

Download technical data sheet here:

Almac BIBI 1090 EVO

Boom Height: 10m

Tracking Height: 7m

Weight: 2830kg

Power Type: Diesel / Electric

Width Narrow: 1.46m 

Width Wide: 1.64m

Machine Height: 2005mm

Machine Length: 2.29m 

Basket Capacity: 300kg

Gradient: 25 degrees

Side Slope: 21 degrees 

Download technical data sheet here:


Almac Bibi 1090 EVO

Operated / Self Hire 

All of our MEWP's come with an experienced IPAF certified operator by default, this ensures you get the most efficient hire, not wasting time figuring out how to use it!

Remember we offer self hire options on selected machines as long as you have a valid (1B) IPAF card,                    for more information on self hire.