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21m Access Platform for Urgent Medical Centre Repairs

The team at Up & Out Platforms provided one of their 21m Teupen cherry pickers to a large medical facility in Kent for some urgent cladding repairs. Not only did they expertly operate the cherry picker, they also undertook the work for the clients making the job as stress and hassle free as possible. Working round the clock to ensure a safe environment for staff and patients whilst ensuring minimal disruption.

Scaffold-free commercial property maintenance.

Not only does Up & Out Platforms provided specialist cherry picker hire, our team also undertake a vast range of property maintenance services. One this job, all the cedar cladding needed checking and re-securing due to rusted fixings. Several sections of cladding had fallen off so a full check of the entire building was required. For speed and cost, the client used our 'scaffold-free' approach to property maintenance to complete the works with minimal disruption to staff and patients at the Medical Centre.

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Flexibility

Using the electric operation on our Teupen, we were able to operate with minimal noise and emissions, this was great to reduce disruption for staff and patients.

For more information why not get in touch with us and discover how we can save you time, reduce disruption and work smart on your property maintenance requirements.

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