Our Services

Specialists in Scaffold Free Property Maintenance 

At Up & Out Platforms, we don't only hire narrow tracked access equipment, our operators and team can undertake a vast range of maintenance at height to both residential and commercial properties. If you want stress free property maintenance why not discover what we can do. 

We specialise in 'scaffold-free' property maintenance, theres a range of reasons why this has significant benefits to both your property and wallet!

  • No damage to delicate roofs, our platforms enable you to work on the roof without physically being on it.

  • Access multiple points on your property all from one position.

  • Once the job is finished the access is removed, this improves site security, site appearances and stops your property being a storage facility for unwanted scaffolding.

  • Spotted something else that needs a closer look at? No problem, rather than pay for more scaffolding, if the MEWP is on site we can easily and quickly reposition to inspect it. 

  • Rapid access, from the point of getting the MEWP into position to taking you up to hight can be completed in under 15 minutes! 

If the maintenance is something our team cannot handle, we have a long list of trusted trades who we can turn to and fix the problem. 

Our teams work around you, need to work at night, weekends or out-of-hours? No problem! We will work with you to ensure minimal disruption to you and your business.

Variety of elevated property maintenance tasks


Chimney Maintenance 

Your chimney gets a battering from the elements, do you ensure it is being properly maintained? With our range of chimney maintenance services we can save you money on costly repairs.

Pest Control

Pigeons, Seagulls and other birds have their place but sometimes that is not on your property! With our range of commercial grade avian prevention systems we can prevent those unwanted birds from causing damage to your property. 

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Need to paint the outside of your house, office or premises? Using one of our MEWPs enables you to paint comfortably, no more straining or stretching. Don't like heights, no worries, our operators do so we can happily undertake the works for you. 

Gutter Maintenance 

Ensuring your gutters are clear is crucial to preventing unwanted water against your property, sometimes up close maintenance is required, often for these quick jobs a MEWP is far more cost effective for a small section of gutter or an entire property.

General Building Maintenance 

When it comes to elevated property maintenance, Up & Out Platforms has the kit and the know how. The ability to access a range of areas on your property rapidly makes working at height tasks easy. If you have have a property maintenance issue at height, give us a call!


Operated Hire

Up & Out Platforms specialise in operated platform hire, this enables you to focus on the job in hand and not operating the machines. 

Our experienced operators know how to get the best out of our platforms therefore giving you the most efficient platform hire, saving you time and money.


Self Hire 

Self Hire is an option we offer  on selected machines. All you need is a valid IPAF card with the 1B category to be eligible. Self Hire offers discounted hire rates. 

All Self-Hire packages come with a platform familiarisation with one of our experienced  operators.